Protein and You

Protein consumption goes hand in hand with exercise and your diet.  So inextricably linked are they that if you buy any type of exercise equipment, you have to give the code word “protein” before they’ll take your money at the register.  Trainers have to tell you to eat or drink protein otherwise they get decertified.  Fitness magazines have to stress the importance of dietary protein, usually in advertisement form, otherwise they go belly up.  While I might be exaggerating a little, it’s an understatement to say that protein is important stuff to anyone pursuing physical fitness.  The question that you might have is: “Why?” › Continue reading


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What a Load of Cramp!

About six months ago, one of my best friends completed his last round of chemo.  He has since gone on to defeat cancer.   Unfortunately, chemotherapy and the barrage of prescription meds are the gifts that keep on giving well beyond the scope of the treatment.  He is cancer-free, but his body took an unimaginable beating.  Not to go into too many details, but one of the things he has to deal with is rampant muscle cramping.  He deals with it every day to varying degrees and often finds himself awakened at night by a pain excruciating enough to make him literally yell out.  His wife and he asked me if I could offer them any advice.  While I could only offer advice in the most generic sense (especially since I have no oncology background), I did find myself inspired to blog about muscle cramps. › Continue reading

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Lessons Learned from Middle-Aged Women

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that middle-aged women need at least an hour of moderate activity everyday in order to avoid gaining weight without eating less.  (Contrary to popular belief, “middle age” does not begin at age 35.)  Actually, that’s the good news specifically for women who are at a healthy weight.  For those middle-aged women who are already overweight, lovingly referred to as “other,” even more exercise is necessary to maintain weight.  Understand the distinction being made.  This isn’t exercise to fit into the latest fashions; this is exercise just to hold the fort.  Also understand that this study contains practical lessons and perspective for people of ALL ages. › Continue reading

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Magnesium and You

How much magnesium have you had today?  Probably not enough considering an estimated 68% of Americans fall short of the daily recommended intake.  Who can blame you?  “Magnesium” doesn’t sound particularly tasty.  Unfortunately, this unappetizing-sounding mineral is used in more than 300 bodily functions.  It assists in energy production, maintains healthy bone density, helps the electrical conduction of the heart, and aids in nerve function.  It acts as a relaxant, significantly improving cramps and relieving asthma symptoms.  It turns out that anyone suffering from fatigue, headaches, constipation, or even fibromyalgia should consider magnesium to alleviate or eliminate symptoms.  Who knew that magnesium helps regulate the bowels, relax muscles (both internally and topically), and prevent tooth decay? › Continue reading

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Cocoa Moo is Good for You?

Recently I learned that a runner friend of mine had started drinking chocolate milk post-run for recovery.  The prospect of consuming chocolate milk after jogging eight miles did not seem right to me.  I found myself wondering if this was like my grandma’s belief that Diet Pepsi (specifically) cures hangovers or my superstition that all barbell plates must always face inward towards me to ensure a decent workout.  (Nothing will derail a personal record attempt like having plates going different directions…)  I decided to do some research on the cocoa moo. › Continue reading

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Magic Pill on the Horizon?

For years, people have wished upon a star for a magic pill that can melt away body fat and shed their excess weight.  Hell, there’s been a huge, thriving industry playing to those hopes and dreams for years.  A good chunk of the fitness industry is based on the premise of delivering elusive weight loss and slimming down.  (Haven’t YOU had the latest Thinadrine product??)  There are supposed metabolism energizers and appetite suppressors.  There are alleged fat blockers and fat burners.  Does any of it work??  They sure don’t seem to.  If one did, wouldn’t the others go out of business??  Wouldn’t obesity have gone the way of the dodo bird two or three years ago?  “Pshaw.  Obesity is so 2009…”  All jokes and indignation aside, there really appears to be a glimmer of that magic pill becoming a reality. › Continue reading

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Have You Heard the One about Vitamin D?

Prior to the last 10-15 years, vitamin D wasn’t discussed much.  You might have heard about the importance of vitamins C or E, or vitamins in general, but I certainly don’t remember hearing about D specifically on a regular basis.  Why?  Because so much of life took place outside!  Vitamin D is largely the vitamin of the sun.  It wasn’t until we found ourselves playing more Tiger Woods PGA Tour and Madden Football than actually hitting the links and tossing the pigskin around that it really became a problem.  Our virtual world proficiencies have devolved into real world health issues extending beyond the obvious. › Continue reading

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What about Supplements?

When it comes to exercise, there are usually three general motivations fueling the desire: to get bigger and stronger, to get thinner and leaner, and to get healthier and feel better.  The desire to get thinner and leaner is frequently expressed in code as the desire to “lose weight.”  Truth be told, weight has little to do with it.  It’s simply our society’s thinness currency.  Few people have the time to take waist measurements, few people want to spend the money on devices that can measure body-mass percentages, and even fewer people can escape the stigmas associated with being of a certain poundage.  Ultimately, whether defined by weight or the ability to get into a certain outfit, the goal is to see something nicer in the mirror when getting dressed.  If this is you, you are not alone.  You are the favorite demographic of the fitness industry. › Continue reading

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Coffee Break

Coffee.  I do not know about you, but I like it a latte.  Okay, I love the stuff – not to the point of having my own bean grinder or my own French press – but I love it just the same.  I, like so many others, probably have loved the deliciously addictive beverage a little too much.  The carefully calculated formula I started off with of 3:1 water to coffee gradually gave way to a 50-50 split.  Occasionally, I’d have a 3:1 coffee to water day.  I knew I needed to back off whenever I could hear my heart beating in my ears and whenever my heart was thumping out of my chest.  Realizing I needed a better gauge, I decided to do some research. › Continue reading


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Fast Food: Unhealthier Than We Realize?


I found myself very hungry the other day.  Unlike the rare breed of person who dreams about chowing on vegetables, fruit, rice cakes, and tofu, I found myself hankering for a big, greasy burger… with bacon strips… and mayonnaise.  Thanks to an online article I found, I ended up having sushi instead.  No, I wasn’t reading about the health benefits of sushi.  I was actually reading about how truly horrible fast food can be for each of us.  It really goes beyond the calories and bad fat.  It’s more than just high fructose corn syrup and diuretics. › Continue reading

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