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Gaston A. Roberge
December 21, 2009

I have to say that when I first saw and heard of the Ab-Mat was quite skeptical of it (having been a gimnast all my life). I then looked into the meachanism of it and realized the concept isn’t far at all from physics science… The Ab-Mat when in use targets the core of the stomach muscles covering the complete area and targeting inner, side and lower muscles all at once, I’m a 43 years old and a businness man WITH A WASHBOARD STOMACH and all thanks to the Ab-Mat… before this I had to work out in the gym and dedicate more than 30 minutes to my stomach and with the Ab-Mat all I do now is only 15 minutes and can swear by it. It’s true, I’m living proof and again at 43, I have a better stomach than that of a 20 year old man. I havea six pack and have reduced my back ache by 100 percent, I believe so much in this product that I’ve bought three and continue to endorse it in any way. I also use it for back stretch and and spine corretion it has decreased the pain. (and to think I didn’t beleive in it and now can’t live without it) Thank’s Ab-Mat!

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