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Shake It Off, and Step Up

So much of fitness and health exists in the physical realm.  What are we eating and drinking?  How much and what kind of exercise are we getting?  Are we sleeping enough or pushing ourselves too hard?  The reality, though, is that so much more of true health and fitness exists between the ears.  While knowledge and wisdom are certainly aspects that impact what we do and how we are physically, I’m talking about the mental battles we find ourselves immersed in.

Who has looked in the mirror and hated what they see?  Who has experienced a minor injury and quit working out altogether instead of just backing off of the exercises specific to that injury?  Who has missed two workouts in a week and decided to write off the entire week?  Who has had one horrendous garbage day of eating only to forget what healthy eating looks like?  Who has been so overwhelmed by the heaping helping of life on their plate that they just shut down? › Continue reading

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