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Sweat the Small Stuff

I’m feeling the need to dispel any myth that might be conjured about me at the mention of “fitness” or “fitness industry” in the same breath as my name.  Why?  Because I imagine I’m not too different from many other 36-year-old married fathers of four who work an unhealthy number of hours (mostly in the seated position).  I cannot bench or squat a Ford F150, and I am probably never going to win (or even enter) a marathon, decathlon, triathlon, or Ironman competition.  I am never going to be on the cover of a fitness magazine.  Chances are, you will never see me in a fitness video- even if we produce it.  My blood pressure is slightly elevated – “prehypertensive” – and I rarely count my carbs.  Shockingly, I have no desire to achieve 3% body fat.  In order to do my workouts, I frequently have to move the laundry out of the way, because I work out in my garage.  My biggest fitness claims to fame are that 1) for my height, I am considered overweight due to my muscle mass, and 2) I still wear the same pants size I wore in high school.  I am much closer to being an everyman than I am to being an elite athlete.  That aside, I usually know what I am doing.   › Continue reading

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