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Five Foods that Build Muscle

I read a lot of articles and research in an effort to make helpful and relevant information readily available to you.  I was looking for the latest and greatest “top ten superfoods” lists when I stumbled across a link at entitled “5 New Foods that Build Abs.”  That certainly got my attention, so I checked it out.  › Continue reading

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Sodium: Friend or Foe?

It can be a silent killer, but it is necessary for good health.  It can be good for training, but it can be evil in excess.  “It” is sodium.  When tasked with eating healthier, sodium is one of the first things we are told to avoid or reduce.  With all of the bad press that sodium gets, it’s pretty hard to believe that sodium is not inherently evil.  For this reason, I feel compelled to shed at least a little more light on this subject. › Continue reading


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Super Food: Tart Cherries

Close, but Not Quite...

Close, but Not Quite...

It seems cherries aren’t just for pies and ice cream sundaes anymore.  Researchers from Oregon Health and Science University have found that drinking tart cherry juice may help runners recover more quickly and effectively from post-race pain.  Apparently, runners who drank the juice twice a day for seven days prior to and on the day of a long-distance relay “had significantly less muscle pain following the race than those who drank another fruit beverage.”

This is attributed to a type of phenolic found in cherries called “anthocyanins.”  › Continue reading

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Caffeine: Miracle Drug?

Loves Me Some Coffee!!

Many people appreciate caffeine for its alertness, “energy,” and performance benefits, but were you aware that it might also provide a comfort benefit as well?  That’s right!  Researchers compared those with moderate caffeine intake and those who did not partake prior to participating in 30-minute cycling sessions.  All participants were instructed to cycle at 80% of their maximum effort.  The researchers from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign found that the caffeine decreased leg pain while cycling.  Some of the caffeinated cyclists experienced “significantly less pain than their decaffeinated counterparts.”  While caffeine does not improve maximum power or strength, it does allow people to train harder.  › Continue reading


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