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You Might Find This Interesting…

Inventor and Coach Fred Koch provides some insight and some schooling…


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Give to a Great Cause When You Buy on eBay

Sadness Overcome by Mercy

Body Core does not just believe in building quality fitness products.  We are firm believers in giving to worthwhile causes and programs.  The program we love and support the most is Mercy Ministries.  Mercy’s sole purpose is to help heal and restore hurt and broken girls and young women.  Whether it’s depression, self-harm, eating disorders, addiction, pregnancy support, or adoption services, Mercy is there for our hurting sisters, daughters, family members, and friends.  We love Mercy’s mission and purpose, and they are making such a huge difference!

Mercy Ministries

We have set aside units for sale on eBay where $3.00 per unit goes to support Mercy Ministries and the girls they help so much.  The price looks a little goofy at $33.35, but we evened out the higher retail price by offering reduced shipping.  You end up paying only $0.05 more than normal.  Thanks!

(Keep in mind that the units for sale will have the silver logo despite what the eBay listing shows.)


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