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Things are Busy Here @ Body Core!

Upward Progress for Body Core

We’ve been busy here at Body Core over the last few months!  We released our e-mail newsletter in April, launched our much-improved web site back in June, upgraded our shopping cart, and introduced our new blog.  We aren’t finished there, though!  In the months to come, you can expect new product offerings for the AbMat line, and we hear the inventor of the AbMat will be releasing a follow-up to his “Killer Abs” book in the not-too-distant future!  You can expect to find that book here at

If you’d like to receive our regular newsletter, just contact us at  In that newsletter, we cover general health and fitness topics geared towards people with intermediate knowledge and experience as well as those new to fitness and healthy living.  I guess I forgot to mention the occasional newsletter special offer…

To the CrossFit affiliates out there (who are quickly becoming too many for my feeble mind to count), I will remind you that we currently have an exclusive newsletter just for you that offers information you might appreciate (AbMat exercise challenges, special offers, etc.).  If you are an affiliate who currently isn’t receiving the newsletter, let us know, and we will take care of you.  Note: to get the exclusive newsletter, CrossFit affiliation must be verified.

We look forward to big things ahead!

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