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Core Strength Test

Pass This Core Test

Many people who find themselves starting up a workout program after an extended break make the mistake of overestimating their current fitness level.  Three years ago, they could bench 300, so they should easily be able to bench 225 fresh out of the blocks.  A year ago, they could do 1,000 sit-ups per day, so surely they should be able to grind out 100 straight right now.  Of course, these are cases of egos begging for injuries.  An even greater percentage of the population may “exercise” regularly but not realize that the results aren’t equating to demonstrative strength gains.  Then there is another segment of the population – reasonably fit and/or on the right track – who simply wants to know how they measure up.  They want to compare to a standard. › Continue reading


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Target Training for Fat Loss

Hard Work

When it comes to exercising, the goal is almost always to lose weight.  Ultimately the goal is to lose body fat.  Traditionally, people focus their desires on losing fat in specific areas.  They want to lose fat off of their bellies, their butts, their sides, the backs of their arms, their thighs, etc. etc.  Many infomercial companies prey on this idea and market products that target specific areas.  None are guiltier than abdominal products, and fewer do a greater disservice to the person simply looking to improve their health and/or their image. › Continue reading

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