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AbMat Thrusters

* This is an advanced exercise and should not be attempted without consulting your medical practitioner first.  Once you’re cleared for takeoff, good luck to you!

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Weight Lifting for Weight Loss

Getting Big?

When a person decides they want to lose weight, it almost always starts with dieting.  While it makes perfect sense that a person should watch what they eat and that buffets should not be our best friends, dieting alone is not the answer for long-term weight loss.  Beyond dieting, the inspired person will also incorporate exercise, but they too will generally miss the mark by keying on cardio as the be all and end all.  While cardio is heart-smart and will definitely pay dividends well beyond what dieting alone can produce, the best results come with a fitness program that incorporates weight lifting in addition to cardio and a nutrition plan. › Continue reading

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AbMat Single-Leg Squats

Warning: This is not an exercise intended for beginners.  It should only be attempted if you are medically cleared beforehand.  Even then, be careful.

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