Weight Loss

Lessons Learned from Middle-Aged Women

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that middle-aged women need at least an hour of moderate activity everyday in order to avoid gaining weight without eating less.  (Contrary to popular belief, “middle age” does not begin at age 35.)  Actually, that’s the good news specifically for women who are at a healthy weight.  For those middle-aged women who are already overweight, lovingly referred to as “other,” even more exercise is necessary to maintain weight.  Understand the distinction being made.  This isn’t exercise to fit into the latest fashions; this is exercise just to hold the fort.  Also understand that this study contains practical lessons and perspective for people of ALL ages. › Continue reading

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Magic Pill on the Horizon?

For years, people have wished upon a star for a magic pill that can melt away body fat and shed their excess weight.  Hell, there’s been a huge, thriving industry playing to those hopes and dreams for years.  A good chunk of the fitness industry is based on the premise of delivering elusive weight loss and slimming down.  (Haven’t YOU had the latest Thinadrine product??)  There are supposed metabolism energizers and appetite suppressors.  There are alleged fat blockers and fat burners.  Does any of it work??  They sure don’t seem to.  If one did, wouldn’t the others go out of business??  Wouldn’t obesity have gone the way of the dodo bird two or three years ago?  “Pshaw.  Obesity is so 2009…”  All jokes and indignation aside, there really appears to be a glimmer of that magic pill becoming a reality. › Continue reading

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What about Supplements?

When it comes to exercise, there are usually three general motivations fueling the desire: to get bigger and stronger, to get thinner and leaner, and to get healthier and feel better.  The desire to get thinner and leaner is frequently expressed in code as the desire to “lose weight.”  Truth be told, weight has little to do with it.  It’s simply our society’s thinness currency.  Few people have the time to take waist measurements, few people want to spend the money on devices that can measure body-mass percentages, and even fewer people can escape the stigmas associated with being of a certain poundage.  Ultimately, whether defined by weight or the ability to get into a certain outfit, the goal is to see something nicer in the mirror when getting dressed.  If this is you, you are not alone.  You are the favorite demographic of the fitness industry. › Continue reading

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Going Deeper with Body Fat

Body fat.  It almost singlehandedly fuels the fitness industry.  Outside of feeling better and getting stronger and/or bigger, it is the single biggest motivator for people.  We either want to lose it, or we want to avoid getting it.  Outside of the basic biological functions of energy storage, hormone production (leptin, resistin, and cytokine TNF), and body insulation, body fat is Public Enemy #1.  Most people simply hate the sight of it when they look in the mirror.  › Continue reading


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Target Training for Fat Loss

Hard Work

When it comes to exercising, the goal is almost always to lose weight.  Ultimately the goal is to lose body fat.  Traditionally, people focus their desires on losing fat in specific areas.  They want to lose fat off of their bellies, their butts, their sides, the backs of their arms, their thighs, etc. etc.  Many infomercial companies prey on this idea and market products that target specific areas.  None are guiltier than abdominal products, and fewer do a greater disservice to the person simply looking to improve their health and/or their image. › Continue reading

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Weight Lifting for Weight Loss

Getting Big?

When a person decides they want to lose weight, it almost always starts with dieting.  While it makes perfect sense that a person should watch what they eat and that buffets should not be our best friends, dieting alone is not the answer for long-term weight loss.  Beyond dieting, the inspired person will also incorporate exercise, but they too will generally miss the mark by keying on cardio as the be all and end all.  While cardio is heart-smart and will definitely pay dividends well beyond what dieting alone can produce, the best results come with a fitness program that incorporates weight lifting in addition to cardio and a nutrition plan. › Continue reading

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The Dirty Little Secret to Slimming Down Your Midsection


By this point in the year, most people have long since given up on New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get fit and have moved on to the new motivation of looking their best in fashionable swimwear.  We are inundated with images and messages dictating what we see as attractive, and we chase that as our ideal.  For most people, short of plastic surgery, this means focusing 99.9% of our attention on the gut region.  Guys want to lose the “beer belly” and “love handles.”  Women want to lose the baby pooch and/or fit into an x-sized pair of shorts or jeans.  Everybody wants the toned abs!

There’s a dirty little fitness secret that holds the key to achieving that goal. › Continue reading

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