Inspiring Story – Gruesome, but Inspiring

The opening is a little on the gross side, but who can deny how truly inspirational this guy is? We all get injured at one point or another, and sometimes you might find yourself wondering, “Am I ever going to get over this? Am I ever going to get back to where I was…?” I don’t know about you, but this video makes me feel like I can do whatever I set my mind to.

What is your goal? Focus your efforts on it, and get after it! Don’t give up! You can do it!

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Fitness Ball Reality

You might be inclined to think that the participants in this video have done something devious to magnify their claims- like deflating the ball to make it flatten more than normal- but this is the reality of the fitness ball.  What the fitness ball has become is largely the result of marketing genius.  The claims and accepted uses of today go so far beyond the original intent and purpose for the ball.  Is it okay for core training?  It’s better than the floor, and it could be the difference between someone doing core training and not, so it’s okay, but it is not the best product for core muscle activation.  Beyond the reasons stated in the video, fitness ball core training does not lend itself well to increased weight resistance, and the instability compromises workout intensity.  The AbMat is the more effective core trainer.

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Abdominals 101


You Might Find This Interesting…

Inventor and Coach Fred Koch provides some insight and some schooling…


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AbMat Thrusters

* This is an advanced exercise and should not be attempted without consulting your medical practitioner first.  Once you’re cleared for takeoff, good luck to you!

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AbMat Single-Leg Squats

Warning: This is not an exercise intended for beginners.  It should only be attempted if you are medically cleared beforehand.  Even then, be careful.

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